The Chameleon that couldn’t Hide

Chameleons hide automatically usually through a pigment in their skin, at least this is the belief

This Chameleon thought it had to hide to protect itself so it asked a Hedgehog who are exceptionally good at hiding

The Chameleon aked the question: “how do you hide so well because my skin doesn’t work the way I want to, I just become black all the time”

The Hedgehog simply anwsered: “It’s because you are angy mate, if you want to hide just dive into a hedge – why do you think I am called a Hedgehog anyway?”


The Wasp that couldn’t find a Home

Wasps are neither a Bee nor an Ant and this Wasp couldn’t find a Home so it took the Home that wasn’t taken.

Still the Wasp wasn’t accepted and so it left its Queen who Wasps do everything for, real family creatures those Wasps.

It flew aimlessly until it reached a stretched out sandy place where it met a Camel, a creature that just stood there without a Home being absolutely fine with it

So asked the Wasp to the camel: “how come you have no Home?”

The Camel simply answered: “I am Home”

The Pigeon that couldn’t walk straight

Pigeons are naturally bulky birds, but this Pigeon couldn’t walk straight and it had no clue why

To search for an anwser the bird flew south until it reached the desert where it met a Camel

The bird looked at the Camel and saw that this Camel didn’t walk straight either

So asked the Pigeon: “how come you can walk not straight and be fine with it?”

The Camel simply answered with: “walking straight is boring”

The Pinguin with the wetsuit that still got cold

Pinguins have a natural layer of fat that keeps em warm, this pinguin got cold still and bought a wetsuit

contrary to his expectations he still got cold and contrary to his belief going to a warmer climate made him even colder

Then the Pinguin went to the desert where he met a Camel which was to his amazement exactly the right temperature always

The pinguin asked: “how do you stay exactly the right temperture always?”

The Camel simply anwsered with: “I don’t think about it, I just am