The Pinguin with the wetsuit that still got cold

Pinguins have a natural layer of fat that keeps em warm, this pinguin got cold still and bought a wetsuit

contrary to his expectations he still got cold and contrary to his belief going to a warmer climate made him even colder

Then the Pinguin went to the desert where he met a Camel which was to his amazement exactly the right temperature always

The pinguin asked: “how do you stay exactly the right temperture always?”

The Camel simply anwsered with: “I don’t think about it, I just am



The DEATH of a Camel

A Camel take a long time to form, but fortunately they are eternal or it would be such a waste of time


Strangely enough although Camels are eternal they can die, but usually they can get along very well with everything


And besides its not really what is needed

A Camel is a Camel

Contrary to belief knowing things does not make you smarter, a Camel knows this. Or rather just is smarter.

Camels are just really really really really soft so they can feel the slightest change in density, its all they need.

And sometimes a gentle soft push in the exact right spot is all that is needed, in the case of a Camel it is always

The Eternal Camel

Camels are so sharp …they understand themselves

They are also Eternal, which is a good property to have since they are so rare

A Camels rides straight through everything and are completely self-sufficient and always consistent

Also its known that camels have a great sense of humor, but since they are so sharp people usually cry

Its exactly what a Camel needs