A Moose?

A Camel is different from a Moose to pick a random point of reference, but they do have everything in common strange as it may sound

With the Moose everything comes to them, also cars unfortunately, and they get a bit bothered with it, because they like their own space

The solution was found by the Moose to step aside.

Everything now goes by the Moose and sometimes a Moose, which are quite common in the world, steps in again and we are like: A Moose?

like its still a surprise everytime, even if you would see them every day

Even if you’d look away and look again you be like: A Moose?


The Cat that couldn’t Breathe

Cats have a natural instinct for survival and they go straight through everything  without even knowing it

This Cat couldn’t breathe properly and it ended up accidentally  in a desert, like Cats do – we don’t know how this Cat did it

Cats are just at the right place  and time  when they need to at the same time, strangely enough – but be assured its good that they are.

So it asked the Camel that was there and looked at the Cat with a question mark above his head, because Camels really don’t understand  Cats really

The Cat: “How do I breathe  normally?”

The Camel anwsered briefly: “Just do  it.”

The Camel and the Dolphins Dream

Camels rarely get lost, because of previously mentions features

This Camel did and ended up at the ocean, the problem with this is that Camels can’t drink salt water for obvious reasons (they don’t like it)

This Camel tried it anyway cause it didn’t have a choice, but just as it lowered its head it saw something amazing, even for a Camel…

A Dolphin is the symbol of enjoyment and the Camel could drink something Eternal from the Dolphin that was better to the Camels amazement than an actual oasis: pure enjoyment

It gave this little lost Camel the strength to go on even though it shouldn’t and find an actual oasis out of pure enjoyment

How the Heron caught the Fish

We don’t know very much about Herons except that they are very lean and soft and that they are very very very difficult emotionally

What emotions are exactly we don’t know so go figure how much we really know

Fish are just awake, so awake that it becomes scary. It’s probably the eyes that give the scary effect.

What they feel is unclear and clear at the same time, they are just very much aware of everything so the only answer can be awareness

Contrary to belief  Herons don’t carry Children to the parents, that is done lets say differently.

By the way a Heron catches a Fish by waiting and that takes a lot of patience

This bird, the Heron, is a great example of how you should be emotionally to bring up Children.

And the Fish, well lets just say is a great example of what else you should be

The Chameleon that couldn’t Hide

Chameleons hide automatically usually through a pigment in their skin, at least this is the belief

This Chameleon thought it had to hide to protect itself so it asked a Hedgehog who are exceptionally good at hiding

The Chameleon aked the question: “how do you hide so well because my skin doesn’t work the way I want to, I just become black all the time”

The Hedgehog simply anwsered: “It’s because you are angy mate, if you want to hide just dive into a hedge – why do you think I am called a Hedgehog anyway?”

The Wasp that couldn’t find a Home

Wasps are neither a Bee nor an Ant and this Wasp couldn’t find a Home so it took the Home that wasn’t taken.

Still the Wasp wasn’t accepted and so it left its Queen who Wasps do everything for, real family creatures those Wasps.

It flew aimlessly until it reached a stretched out sandy place where it met a Camel, a creature that just stood there without a Home being absolutely fine with it

So asked the Wasp to the camel: “how come you have no Home?”

The Camel simply answered: “I am Home”

The Pigeon that couldn’t walk straight

Pigeons are naturally bulky birds, but this Pigeon couldn’t walk straight and it had no clue why

To search for an anwser the bird flew south until it reached the desert where it met a Camel

The bird looked at the Camel and saw that this Camel didn’t walk straight either

So asked the Pigeon: “how come you can walk not straight and be fine with it?”

The Camel simply answered with: “walking straight is boring”