The Camel and the Eye of the Needle

For a Camel it is absolutely impossible to pass through the eye of a needle, a real one at least. A real Camel through a real eye of a needle, go figure.

For the metaphorical one its easy, Camels don’t even move for it they just pass through it as it stands for the wormhole that gets you into heaven instantly – for a Camel there is no difference, they imagine it anyway.

Money doesn’t work on wormholes, they don’t take money (they take everything), because it flips straight out of existence since it has no real value except for the belief put into it

Camels, the metaphorical ones, are Eternal because they stay consistent and are self-sufficient (completely) as they stand as the mathematical perfection of the Universe including the loophole like the eye of the needle

For a camel it passes through the eye of the needle like its not even there because a Camel doesn’t need  an eye of the needle or a needle since it is a self all encompassing concept which is never  real, just funny

What is funny is that it is never really written like this: the i of the needle – probably because it isn’t allowed according to language rules – A Camel just does it anyway, because rules are just that: if it can be broken it isn’t a real rule


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