The Albatross and the blind Camel

Very little is known about how the Albatross locate their prey, what is known is that they spend a minimal amount of energy diving to their food

This says something about their tremendous sight and also what they do with the information, in other words how they use it which is smartly

The Camel in this story tried to relocate a piece of vegetation but failed, it happens even to Camels, and on top of that a nasty sand storm had come up and despite the large eyelashes Camels have, it blinded the poor thing

High above close to the sea the Albatross picked up the distress call and looked at the Camel

To the Camels surprise the actual intelect of the Bird clicked right in and gave the Camel the how to to get to the right place again

No words are required which is awesome and in this case it saved the Camels life which was exactly what was needed, Albatrosses are good like that and are very very very good at seeing


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